The achieve difference

Turn-key Design

Achieve facilities are custom but turn-key and designed to achieve high-quality and efficient operations with the optimum production yield per market projections. Three facility types are indoor only with the Achieve 24, the largest, incorporating a glass roof and the free energy of the sun. They are designed with the maximum utilization of space, thus reducing the overall environmental impact of the facility itself. They incorporate the latest but proven concepts derived from Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). 

Key Features

  • Minimal inputs including nutrients and energy
  • Efficient labour utilization
  • Proven agricultural-grade LED lighting, reducing electricity use by 35% or more while providing maximum life cycle and product warranties
  • Recirculating irrigation systems ensuring minimal use of water
  • GMP design parameters incorporated, offering expanded market opportunity as national and international regulations change
  • Pre-designed and turn-key mean eliminating construction bottlenecks
  • And, therefore, providing a strong sustainability component from an economic and environmental perspective