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Achieve is a company dedicated to bringing best-in-class cannabis facilities to market. Our ambition is to unite the best technologies and services, via strategic partnership, in order to facilitate highly productive, profitable cannabis production and diverse manufacturing. This aligns with our vision of sustainability and commitment to bringing the environmental impact of cannabis production to the lowest possible level while benefitting consumers through increased, consistent quality, and a diverse number of GMP-grade SKUs. 


The Achieve facilities are inspired by CEAd and other leading experts in the global horticultural industry – an industry that has contributed to feeding the global population through high-productivity, low-impact greenhouses and indoor facilities. In a desire to provide the global cannabis industry best-in-class facilities and to define the cannabis industry with the same vision the CEA and greenhouse industries have been using to feed millions, Achieve reached out to CEAd and other key vendors to realize an industry-changing vision.

The key vendors involved have worked together to procure the highest-level facility possible according to any metric. All parties believe the Achieve Series of facilities will be best-in-class now and into the foreseeable future. This goal, along with empowering entrepreneurs and creating economic opportunity, are the main drivers behind this project and the collaboration required to make it happen.